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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Update

We have a couple of upcoming fundraising opportunities.  On Wednesday, February 26 and Wednesday, March 26,  we are having a "Meet Me at Applebee's" fundraiser.  You should be receiving an email from Bridgette with much more detail.  I have posted the ticket sheet in the GPAC events section to the left.  Also, I never did announce the final result of our board elections.  Maybe it was obvious since everyone was running unopposed, but our board members are as follows:
  President - Jen Titus,
  Vice President - Judy Anders,
  Treasurer - Cece Maxwell,
  Fundraising and PR - Bridgette Bowman, and
  Secretary - Kami LeMoss

Monday, September 2, 2013

Elections and Party update

Here's a reminder that our end of the season awards party is this Saturday at the LeMoss's home.  The address is 1132 NW Starlite Place and it will be from 12PM to 2PM.  If your last name starts with A-L, bring a dessert, and if your last name starts with M-W, bring a side dish or salad.  Please do not bring chips or drinks.

Also, nominations are now closed for upcoming board position elections.  The following people are running for the following positions and all unopposed.

   Jen Titus - President
   Judy Anders - Vice President
   Cece Maxwell - Treasurer
   Bridgett Bowman - Fundraising and PR
   Kami LeMoss - Secretary

Those of you that make it to the awards party will help to make these official on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Awards Party

Another summer season has come and gone and there is only one event left.  On Saturday, Sept 7th, we will be having our end of the season GPAC Awards Party.  It will be held at the LeMoss's house at 12 noon and the address is 1132 NW Starlite Pl.  Set your calendars now and plan to come for a wonderful time to celebrate another great summer season capped off with some great awards and recognition for our swimmers.  All food and beverages will be provided, except for dessert and salad.

So if your last name starts with A to L, then please bring a dessert; and if your last name starts with M to W, then please bring a side or salad.  Please do not bring chips or drinks.

At the Awards Party we will also be voting on board positions.  We have 5 positions whose 3 year cycles are complete and for which re-election is available.

     President - currently filled by Jen Titus and running for re-election
     Vice President - currently filled by Judy Anders and running for re-election
     Fundraising and PR - currently filled by Bridgett Bowman and running for re-election
     Treasurer - currently filled by Claudia Baker but not running for re-election; Cece Maxwell has entered the running for this position
     Secretary - currently filled by Cece Maxwell but not running for re-election; there have been no entries for this position

If anyone wishes to enter the running for any of these 5 positions, please contact me by Sept 1st so that we may properly inform you of the position and get you on the ballot.

Finally, I would like to mention again that there is the ability to receive these posts by email.  Along the right column of this webpage is a link for the purpose of following by email.  Along the left column of this webpage is a link to subscribe to this blog using Google+.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday 8/12

Great job this weekend to all you swimmers who were at the Big Kahuna.  Although the weather was mostly cool and rainy, we still managed to have a great time and turn in some good swims.

From the looks of the weather this morning and the week's forecast, we will be having practice all this week, except for Thursday evening.  Therefore, our last practice of the summer season will be Thursday morning.  Boo hoo :(  We will not be having a parent meeting this week, but rather I will be sending out more posts about necessary information on such things as the end-of-the-season party.  First of these notifications is that I have pictures, if you ordered some, and will have them down at the pool.  I also will have ribbons from our home meet and Big Kahuna at the pool for you to collect.  The one exception to having no meeting this week, is that I will announce the final swimmers of the week on Wednesday evening.

For those of you who have been counting on the emails that have been preceding these posts, those emails will cease at the end of this season.  For those of you that wish to be notified of new information when it is posted, there are two ways for that to happen.  On the right side of this blog, there is an option to follow by email.  When this option is completed, you will receive a once daily email when new information has been posted.  On the left side of this blog, there is an option to follow using google, yahoo or a couple other services.  If neither of these are for you, it remains for you to frequently check on your own timing.  I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but the redundancy under which I have been operating this summer has come to an end.

If you are traveling to North Bend this weekend and are planning to camp at Bastendorf Beach County Park, I am leaving right after practice on Thursday morning and can reserve your campsight if you can't come until later.  Just let me know some time this week.

Finally, I am looking for pictures from our home swim meet to post on this blog.  If you have some and don't mind making them public for the rest of the team, please send them to me or bring them to me at the pool this week.