What's Happening

August 29

As many of you are aware, I have been working with Club Northwest to start a year round swim program.  Many of you since I first announced this have expressed an interest in such a program.  Club Northwest and I have just now completed our discussions and I can tell you that the program will be starting September 15.  Some of you have family memberships and so for those of you that do (or maybe are considering this) the fee would be an additional $35 per month per swimmer.  For those of you that don't have a family membership there is an option to purchase a student membership for $48 per month plus the $35 per month, for a total of $83 per month. Both options offer the swimmer full access to the club (minus some weight room restrictions due to age).  Club Northwest has also agreed to waive the sign up costs, that usually accompany new membership, through September.  Practices will be Monday through Thursday from 4:15PM to 6:00PM and Saturday 7:00AM to 9:00AM.  Over the last month, I have done some research on the costs of other year round programs in Southern Oregon and these costs are very competitive with what I found.  For example, you paid GPAC $175 for 10 weeks this summer, which works out to about $75 per month; this is also comparable to the YMCA (they are still slightly less).

Now for some less exciting news.  Because of the development of year round swimming at Club Northwest and my acceptance of the head coaching position, I have decided to resign from GPAC.  This decision did not come easy, but due to the amount of time it takes to start and run a year round program and the confusion it causes when jumping between two programs, which I have done in the past, I felt it was best to choose this new direction.  I have been a part of GPAC since the summer of 1973 as a swimmer, parent and coach and even now as I write this email I am getting a little choked up . . . . . . . some of my fondest memories in life are of GPAC and the families and swimmers, but for me and my goals in coaching this is the best choice.

Finally, because of my choice to resign from GPAC, it has been brought to my attention that there are members of the current GPAC board and coaching staff that may also be leaving and making this year their last.  While I can not speak for these people and their intentions, I do know what they have spoken to me and so this will likely leave GPAC in a precarious position.  At the very least, there will be Board positions and coaching positions available. Beyond this, I will not venture to say and will allow these board members to speak on their own behalf when we meet at the end of the season party on September 6th.

With all of this in mind, I encourage you to join us at Tom Pierce Park on Saturday, Sept. 6th (with as many questions as you can think up) for what will hopefully be an enjoyable - if not interesting - time with each other.

End of Season Party

Well, we have come to the end of another summer season.  Thank you all for helping to make this season another wonderful and greatly enjoyable success.  The last event of the summer is our upcoming Awards Celebration.  This year we will be back at Tom Pierce Park on Saturday, September 6 at 1:00 PM.  GPAC will be providing hot dogs and hamburgers (with all the fixin's), drinks, chip and plates, napkins and service.  If your last name begins with A-J, we are asking that you bring a dessert.  If your last name begins with K-Z, we are asking that you bring a side dish.  Come enjoy the afternoon with us as we honor many of our athletes and their accomplishments.  Along with the awards, we will also be discussing the status of year-round swimming at CNW, and any available positions on the GPAC Board (at this time the position of President is open with more openings possible by that Saturday).

I look forward to seeing you on the 6th.

[Remember that Tom Pierce park requires a $2 or $3 fee to park.]

August 11 practice cancelled

Welcome back to all the swimmers who were at Coos Bay this last weekend.  I wish the weather would have come with us, but unfortunately it did not.  Because of the moderately unhealthy air quality this evening, I am cancelling tonight's practice.  I will see you back in the water tomorrow morning.

August 6

Good luck to all of you that are swimming the Big Kahuna this weekend.  Remember that there is no practice Thursday evening.

July 25

Remember that today is the last day to turn in entries for the White Water, Big Kahuna and Scott Poore swim meets.  Contact coach Steve if you still need to.

Many of you have seen the Hospitality sign-up board at practice and thank you to those who have committed to one or more items.  We still have several items that are needed and here is the list of what is left.

  • Cookies
  • Pasta salad
  • French bread
  • Jumbo muffins
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Coffee cake
  • Orange juice
  • Chips
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Cucumbers
If you can commit to one or more of these items, please contact Cece (541-659-7245) by Monday evening or talk to coach Steve at practice.